10 Rock + Metal Bands Who Had 3 Great Singers at Different Times

10 Rock + Metal Bands Who Had 3 Great Singers at Different Times

Some functions never ever go by way of a lineup adjust, but just as numerous do, and debatably the most impactful type is a shift in direct singer.

Soon after all, people today commonly divide a group’s legacy into chapters in accordance to who took the reins on vocals, as their timbre, lyrics and overall existence in all probability set the vibe for that period of time. Once they are long gone, so also is that stage of the group’s occupation.

That is not normally a terrible factor, while, mainly because their substitute(s) could be just as able and charismatic in various ways.

As the next 10 examples exhibit, some bands can even have at least 3 key singers at different details in time. No subject why they took over from their predecessors, they prevailed in their new placement.

Loudwire contributor Jordan Blum is a college English professor and creator of ‘Opeth: Every Music Just about every Album‘, ‘Dream Theater: Every Album Each individual Song‘ and ‘Jethro Tull: Every Song Each individual Album.’

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