4 Easy Office Christmas Games

So you’re in charge of planning the holiday office party and need some ideas? You can find plenty of suggestions online for office Christmas games, and many require little preparation and limited materials. Here are a few to get the fun started.

Christmas Tree Rip
The goal of this game is for players to create a Christmas tree out of construction paper. Whoever makes the best tree wins. The catch? The only “tools” players can use are their own hands – and they have to hold the paper behind their back while they’re making their masterpiece. No peeking allowed! After everyone finishes with their trees, hang them up for your coworkers to judge the winner.

Helping Hand Gift Wrap
This game requires some gift wrap, ribbon, boxes of equal size, scissors, and tape. You’ll need to divide your guests into pairs and then tie the right hand of one to the left hand of another player to form teams. Make sure the players understand that they may NOT use the hands that are bound together. Each player may only use their free hand. Next give each pair a box, some gift wrap, a pair of scissors, tape and some ribbon. When given the signal to begin (a bell or some Christmas music works well) each pair has to wrap their box without using the hands that are tied together. The winner is the first pair to successfully complete the task.

Santa Hat Game
No Scrooges are allowed in this game because everyone has to wear a Santa hat. The goal of the game is to NOT be the last one with a hat. At the beginning of the party, give everyone a hat and let them know that the loser is the last one wearing a hat. Then pick someone to be the official Santa. No one can remove their hat until “Santa” removes his (or her) hat. This game is played throughout the party. Santa should let everything get in full swing so people aren’t paying attention to their hats before removing his. Then the race is on to see who notices. Gradually people will remember the game and start removing their hats. Come up with a good gag gift or an evil office task for the loser, such as making him or her clean the coffee mugs in the break room for a week.

Christmas Pictionary
For this game, you’ll need a whiteboard and markers or a large easel with paper. Start by writing the names of Christmas songs on strips of paper and mixing them up in a Santa hat, box or anything handy. Then divide the partygoers into teams with equal numbers of players. Have a player from the first team select a slip of paper. He or she can’t show the paper to anyone, and has to get others to guess the name of the Christmas carol by drawing pictures. Limit each round to 60 seconds and award one point for correct guesses within the time period. First team to three points wins.

You’ll likely have a few party poopers who don’t want to participate in these silly games, but don’t worry! Remember that everyone is there to have fun and office Christmas games can be as much fun to watch as they are to play!