5 Christmas Songs People Would Love to Hear During Holidays

5 Christmas Songs People Would Love to Hear During Holidays

Once November approaches, the Christmas rush could be felt not only by the cool breeze but with radio stations playing songs for the holidays. Christmas songs make the season jolly and the more people listen to it, the more immersed and inspired they are to what we call “Spirit of Christmas”. “Jingle Bell Rock” has been playing on the airwaves since 1957. Its Helms’ version is the most popular and known version all over the world. It is supposed to be in rock form but in the modern ears, it sounds more country than rock and roll. During the years, Jingle Bell Rock has been performed by various artists including Billy Idol, Chris Brown, Hilary Duff, Jonas Brothers, Lindsay Lohan, Hall and Oates and even The Chipmunks to name a few. It is a favourite tune in party performances because of its danceable tune.

“Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer” is also a popular Christmas song that is based on a book by Robert L. May adapted into a song. The song tells about a reindeer with a shining red nose like of a light bulb. Rudolph is Santa’s ninth Reindeer who leads pulling Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. His nose is so bright that he could light up Santa’s path through the winter weather. Like Jingle Bell Rock, it has also been adapter too many times in different languages and sold around 25 million copies around the world. Rudolph, like Santa Claus Letters are famous reminder of Christmas.

As there are upbeat Christmas songs, there are also slow beat songs that people listen to. The gloomy and cold weather is usually associated with sadness and depression during the season. The song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is an example. It is intended for a musical but after Frank Sinatra modified the lyrics, the song has been more popular. Its lyrics have been rewritten a few times during the years to make the lyrics of the song more upbeat and appropriate for the holidays.

“The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Fire)” is another slow beat song which was released in 1944. This song is sentimental in setting that affects the mood of the people who listen to it. “The Christmas Song” lyrics are actually a song written in a hot summer in an effort to stay cool by thinking cool. The Nat King Cole trio first recorded the song two years after its release and has been recorded several times by the same artist until it has been covered by artists of different genres including Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Chicago, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and The Jackson Five to name a few.

The song that would never be absent during the holidays is “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”. The origin of the song was unknown but the first known recording of it is in 1934. Its first release became an instant hit with around half a million orders after only a month. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” is the most traditional song at Christmas time. Due to its very upbeat tune and simple, easy to remember lyrics, people have an easy recall of the song which made it very popular worldwide. Letters from Santa Claus will be happily received by your children when you give it to them while this song is in the air.