Bayahibe Vs Punta Cana – The two In the Dominican Republic But Oh So Various

Bayahibe Vs Punta Cana – The two In the Dominican Republic But Oh So Various

Bayahibe was a largely undiscovered gem on the south coast of the Dominican Republic until finally the late 1990’s. A couple of impartial tourists knew about it ahead of then but the far more vacation resort oriented traveler had never at any time heard of it. Bayahibe is getting to be progressively far more touristy but there is even now a striking contrast concerning Bayahibe and the much a lot more popular Punta Cana resort megaplex on the east coastline.

Bayahibe also has a totally various ambiance than the well-known tourist destinations of Puerto Plata, Sosua, and other vacationer destinations on the north coastline. Having said that, in this posting, I will focus on some of the distinctions amongst Bayahibe and Punta Cana.

Bayahibe Has a True Perception of Group Compared with Punta Cana

Established in the late 1800’s, Bayahibe has a extensive historical past of staying a functioning fishing village. As these kinds of, it has a potent sense of local community that is not based mostly exclusively on tourism pounds like you discover in Punta Cana. In simple fact, Punta Cana’s heritage is reasonably short-lived and is pretty much solely based on tourism. Its complete advancement and growth has been driven by tourism revenue.

In contrast to Punta Cana, Bayahibe is a lot more unpretentious and laid again. In Bayahibe, it is uncomplicated to mingle with authentic Dominicans and get pleasure from some reliable Dominican Republic lifestyle. Dominicans are extremely friendly and major-hearted persons and they will gladly converse with you. In reality, do not be at all shocked if they also want you to dance the merengue with them! If you want to meet some serious Dominicans in Bayahibe, just strike the seaside bars, the open up-air dining places, the really well-liked billiards corridor, and store in the area local community. You can obtain no comparable genuine expertise in the Punta Cana resort villages even if you test.

Bayahibe Has Fewer Resorts and Much more Non-Inclusive Resorts and Cabanas

The Punta Cana coast has develop into 1 all-inclusive resort after another with really several selections for the unbiased traveler. Bayahibe, on the other hand, has only just one all-inclusive resort acknowledged as the Goals La Romana Resort. This a 568 area resort that sits suitable on one particular of the most effective portions of Playa Bayahibe (Bayahibe Beach front). If not, all the lodging in Bayahibe is tiny impartial resorts, bed and breakfast locations, and cabanas. Lodge Bayahibe is the most significant of the independents and it has only 25 rooms. All over again, you get a far more reliable working experience keeping in Bayahibe as when compared to Punta Cana. Just for clarification, I really should mention there are 6 total scale resorts in 2-3 miles away from Bayahibe in Dominicas to southeast which is sometimes thought of component of the Bayahibe region.

Cabanas are cute stand by yourself “huts” or little cabins, traditionally crafted with a thatched roof although they never all have these now. They are scattered through Bayahibe, which include some suitable on the seashore. You utilised to be capable to rent them at a steal but the cost has actually long gone in the latest a long time as more vacationers have come in and as much more of them are getting employed as housing for personnel of the resorts that are creeping nearer — the cabanas are still a excellent deal though if you can locate a single! Of class, they are also a thoroughly diverse expertise than a Punta Cana vacation resort.

Caribbean Sea vs The Atlantic Ocean

When numerous individuals imagine of “The Caribbean” they believe the overall area lies in just the quiet and calm Caribbean Sea. Nevertheless, this is not at all accurate. The Dominican Republic, like the other big Caribbean Islands, lies at the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its north and east coastlines confront the Atlantic Ocean and its south shoreline faces the Caribbean Sea. Now, here is the most critical distinction to the vacationer: the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are considerably additional rugged and wild than the peaceful and tranquil Caribbean waters.

Bayahibe is located on the south coastline of the Dominican Republic. Thus, the waters adjacent to its shores are quiet and tranquil. The sand is also ultra good and silky. On the other hand, the Punta Cana coast (which features Bavaro) is positioned on the east coastline of the Dominican Republic. This areas it on the Atlantic Ocean wherever the waters are more turbulent and the sand is a bit coarser. As you head south on the Punta Cana coastline, you start out to enter the transition zone in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and sea results in being a little bit a lot more light and the sand will become finer. Nonetheless, the sea even on the south stop of the Punta Cana coastline is nevertheless not as tranquil as the sea adjacent to Bayahibe.

Sunsets About West Facing Bays Vs East Going through Water

Since of the curvature of the land in the location, Bayahibe is located on two bays that glimpse westward. In actuality, this is a single of the couple of places in the total Dominican Republic to deal with west. Hence, the sunsets in this article are considered the most stunning in the region with the solar sinking right into the ocean. You can enjoy this drinking water perspective of the sunlight location from any number of open-air places to eat and bars — or from the public beach front.

Punta Cana is found on the east coastline of the Dominican Republic and therefore it not preferably suited for looking at sunsets about the h2o, though the sunrises can be stunning in Punta Cana.

Climate & Microclimate

Bayahibe is viewed as by several to have the most effective microclimate of any site in the Dominican Republic. Although Punta Cana definitely has considerably less rain than Samana Bay and other wet north coast Dominican destinations, Bayahibe has much a lot less rain than Punta Cana! In point, Bayahibe also has significantly less rain than La Romana, the well known vacation resort space only about 19 miles to the east. It is stated that Bayahibe has about the similar sum of rainfall all through its “wet time” as the north coastline of the Dominican Republic has in its “dry period.”

Bayahibe is also hotter on ordinary than most other tourist places in the nation. This is particularly accurate in the winter season when both of those the ambient temperature and the h2o temperature is hotter than in Punta Cana and vacationer destinations on the Dominican north coastline.

Distance To Saona Island, Catalinita Island, and the East Countrywide Park

The most popular working day vacation in the Dominican Republic by considerably is a boat excursion to Saona Island (Isla Saona). In fact, much more than 2000 individuals check out this island on average per working day! Saona Island is aspect of the East Countrywide Park (Parque Nacional del Este) located on the extraordinary southeast corner of the Dominican Republic. Nearly all Saona Island boat excursions leave from the Bayahibe Harbor. This implies that holidaymakers in Punta Cana have to 1st choose a bus or taxi experience into Bayahibe ahead of they can get on a boat in Bayahibe to Saona Island. This can get 1-2 hours a single-way, 2-4 hrs round-vacation. Therefore, it is much extra practical and stress-free to just take an excursion to Saona Island if you are now remaining in Bayahibe!