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Boston-Tampa Bay Runs

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Boston-Tampa Bay Runs

Rays initial. Yandy Diaz hit by pitch. Ji-Man Choi walks. Yandy Diaz to next. Randy Arozarena strikes out swinging. Jonathan Aranda singles to ideal subject. Ji-Gentleman Choi to 2nd. Yandy Diaz to third. Josh Lowe singles to heart field. Jonathan Aranda to 2nd. Ji-Person Choi scores. Yandy Diaz scores. Francisco Mejia grounds out to to start with base. Josh Lowe out at 2nd.

2 operates, 2 hits, glitches, 1 left on. Rays 2, Crimson sox .

Purple sox second. Xander Bogaerts doubles to deep suitable field. Alex Verdugo singles to shallow infield. Xander Bogaerts scores. Trevor Tale strains out to deep center area to Brett Phillips. Franchy Cordero strikes out swinging. Rob Refsnyder reaches on a fielder’s alternative to shortstop. Alex Verdugo out at next.

1 operate, 2 hits, mistakes, 2 still left on. Rays 2, Crimson sox 1.

Rays second. Luke Raley walks. Taylor Partitions lines out to deep still left area to Alex Verdugo. Brett Phillips referred to as out on strikes. Yandy Diaz doubles to remaining area. Luke Raley scores. Ji-Gentleman Choi singles to deep left heart subject. Yandy Diaz scores. Randy Arozarena walks. Ji-Guy Choi to second. Jonathan Aranda singles to correct subject. Randy Arozarena to 3rd. Ji-Male Choi scores. Josh Lowe strikes out swinging.

3 operates, 3 hits, errors, 2 still left on. Rays 5, Crimson sox 1.

Red sox 3rd. Bobby Dalbec walks. Jarren Duran reaches on a fielder’s choice to next foundation. Bobby Dalbec out at 2nd. Christian Vazquez doubles to deep remaining field. Jarren Duran to 3rd. J.D. Martinez doubles to deep still left centre field. Christian Vazquez scores. Jarren Duran scores. Xander Bogaerts walks. Alex Verdugo strains out to left field to Luke Raley. Trevor Tale strikes out swinging.

2 operates, 2 hits, errors, 2 left on. Rays 5, Purple sox 3.

Red sox fourth. Franchy Cordero strikes out swinging. Rob Refsnyder singles to heart industry. Bobby Dalbec grounds out to 2nd foundation, Jonathan Aranda to Ji-Man Choi. Rob Refsnyder to 2nd. Jarren Duran singles to shallow still left discipline, tagged out at 2nd, Luke Raley to Yandy Diaz to Ji-Gentleman Choi. Rob Refsnyder scores.

1 operate, 2 hits, glitches, 1 remaining on. Rays 5, Red sox 4.

Pink sox fifth. Christian Vazquez strains out to deep correct subject to Josh Lowe. J.D. Martinez doubles to deep correct area. Xander Bogaerts singles to deep suitable area. J.D. Martinez scores. Alex Verdugo singles to left middle industry. Xander Bogaerts to second. Trevor Story grounds out to shallow infield, Yandy Diaz to Ji-Guy Choi. Franchy Cordero strikes out swinging.

1 operate, 3 hits, mistakes, 2 remaining on. Pink sox 5, Rays 5.

Rays sixth. Taylor Partitions hit by pitch. Brett Phillips traces out to left discipline to Alex Verdugo. Yandy Diaz doubles to deep still left discipline. Taylor Walls scores. Harold Ramirez (1B) replaces Ji-Person Choi (1B), batting 2nd. Harold Ramirez singles to correct field. Yandy Diaz scores. Randy Arozarena grounds out to shortstop, Xander Bogaerts to Franchy Cordero.

2 runs, 2 hits, mistakes, remaining on. Rays 7, Pink sox 5.

Rays eighth. Luke Raley reaches on error. Fielding mistake by Bobby Dalbec. Taylor Partitions reaches on a fielder’s preference to very first base. Luke Raley out at second. Brett Phillips singles to correct discipline. Taylor Partitions to 3rd. Yandy Diaz out on a sacrifice fly to proper industry to Rob Refsnyder. Brett Phillips to second. Taylor Walls scores. Harold Ramirez singles to middle industry. Brett Phillips scores. Randy Arozarena singles to right field. Harold Ramirez to 2nd. Yu Chang singles to remaining subject. Randy Arozarena to second. Harold Ramirez scores. Josh Lowe flies out to heart discipline to Jarren Duran.

3 operates, 4 hits, 1 mistake, 2 remaining on. Rays 10, Crimson sox 5.

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