Christmas Gift for Colleagues

It is always tough to choose a good Christmas gift for colleagues at work. Why? Firstly, to be appreciated, it must not be something really common. People at work will admire it only if it is apparent that you have given it a thought. Secondly, if it’s something expensive they will be really hesitant accepting it. Well, you know how it works, don’t you?

A poor working relationship with your colleagues can make life plain miserable. Being great friends with your colleagues whom you see everyday can make a major difference to the quality of life in office. So why not begin with sending them a hearty present on Christmas?

Nowadays, buying your stuff online turns out to be much cheaper than purchasing from stores, and that’s not it! It saves you the hassle of driving around, and more that 75% of the sellers online are willing to offer extravagant discounts just because their competition is doing the same. Well, as buyers why miss out on this chance? Who knows you may end up with a free holiday to Switzerland apart from getting that special gift you have been searching around for so long!

Well, here are some great ideas that you can look around for this year end:

  1. Flower Bouquets:
  2. Traditional but still effective, a bouquet of flowers always works. The best sellers on the web offer to send to any country of your choice plus FREE shipping. So even if you are spending Christmas in different countries, there’s nothing to worry about. Just need to place an order online and the rest is taken care of.

  3. Wine or Champagne:
  4. How about getting your colleague a bottle of his or her favorite brand of wine? Or even a nice champagne is good for the occasion. Some sites I know personalize everything for you, wines, champagnes, even water! An excellent and really different choice.

  5. Bonsai Trees:
  6. This is something that most people would not expect to receive as a Christmas present but I am sure they will be pleased about it. These miniature trees work as great display pieces in traditional living rooms apart from adding a diverting aura to them. Worth a thought?

  7. Jewelry for the ladies, cufflinks for the men:
  8. Now you must be asking what is so different about this? The best part about this is that some auction sites on the web offer these items for as low as 5% of their original cost. No kidding! And in such portals you always end up finding something really out of the box. It is worthwhile to try some of these out if you are are also on a limited budget.

Above are some of the many ideas I have thought about this time around. Of course, I have done greater research and have more ideas to share. For now, Merry Christmas and ..Happy Shopping!