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Culture Clash: Rosehardt | Features

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Culture Clash: Rosehardt | Features

Rosehardt is a genuine multi-hyphenate, an all-spherical creative whose operate spans performing, audio, and other disciplines.

The Brooklyn-centered artist – real name Caleb Eberhardt – throws his full currently being into each individual task. Highly regarded as an actor, he also put in time in NYC hip-hop / jazz collective Quincy Vidal, just before seizing the working day as Rosehardt with debut album ‘Songs In The Essential Of Solitude’.

New mini-album ‘how are you? Vol. 2’ is out now, a selection of tunes that sparkles with strategies. To celebrate, Clash sat down with Rosehardt to go over his cultural interests…


I just completed reading ‘Bones And All’ by Camille Deangelis. I was curious mainly because the movie coming out with Chalamet appears to be really good… nevertheless now that I’ve go through it and rewatched the trailer it appears totally various. Even now excited though. Currently I’m studying Severance by Ling Ma. 


As any individual inclined to stress and anxiety likely understands, I have my go to ease and comfort clearly show which is currently New Woman. In addition, I’m seeking to get through the Dahmer series… which has tested tricky, but Evan Peters is an awesome actor. I’m just acquiring into Love Demise & Robots, and also presently revisiting Avatar: The Final Airbender.


I replay a good deal of shit that I know I like. Not to say I do not find out new tunes, but I’d say I re-pay attention to a large amount of stuff for the same cause I re-enjoy episodes of New Girl. That’d be any Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino’s last two, ‘Absolutely’ by Dijon… it’s a extended list but all those are often in my recents. Also, I’d say the one particular issue I have been listening to continuously for the last calendar year or so is something by Goran Sollscher. I like classical guitar. It calms me like practically nothing else can, presents me this kind of a excellent experience, so that’s in regular rotation. 


Last movie I noticed was Aftersun. Genuinely very good, truly nicely acted, a tale informed fairly uniquely. I also just watched The French Dispatch and I truly liked it. And for the sake of just sharing movies I’ve watched lately I’ll mention Blonde… but I won’t remark on it… other than “oof.” 


A few years ago I was seeking for a tablet and finished up obtaining the Exceptional 2 and I Appreciate it. I’m an actor so I audition a lot. Buying a printer (and ink and paper just about every several months) seemed added, and going to Staples to print sides is individually played out for your boy.

I didn’t want an iPad mainly because I’m addicted to screens ample as it is… let me inform you, if Exceptional wanted to sponsor me I’d do it in a heartbeat, this matter is remarkable. Seem it up, for real. It’s mad easy, does just what I have to have it for, mainly importing scripts and marking them up as if I were doing so on paper, I use it all the time. Adore it. 

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=eo0I6VFObio

Image Credit: Alice Plati

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