D’Addario announces 80/20 version of XS Acoustic strings

D’Addario has announced that their popular acoustic guitar and mandolin strings, the coated XS series, are now available in 80/20 as well as phosphor bronze.

Ever since the phosphor bronze sets have become favored by acoustic players, people have been asking the company to please also make them with the brighter 80/20 bronze, so called for the use of 80% copper and 20% zinc in the alloy.

Much of the popularity of the XS strings has been for the ultra-thin coating applied to the wound strings after wrapping, which retards corrosion and preserves string life. The coating prevents dirt and sweat from affecting the wound strings, which bluegrass player know can kill a G string within a few hours of picking. With the new 80/20 XS strings, D’Addario believes they can offer the best of both worlds – bright tone and long life.

The XS strings are offered in five gauges between extra light to medium, and for 12 string guitar. For mandolin, only a single gauge is offered, billed as medium, from .011 to .040.

The 80/20 XS strings from D’Addario should be showing up at your favorite music retailers soon.