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Dance Star Mickey Toy – The Best Toy This Christmas for Your Kids

Dance Star Mickey Toy – The Best Toy This Christmas for Your Kids

Mickey Mouse is a well-loved character that keeps entertaining us for so many years now. Kids, parents and even grandparents are fond of watching him on TV or even on the big screen. There are also Mickey toys but they are all stuff toys or just something that you can put in your room or sit on the shelves because they are lifeless toys. But not anymore! Mickey came to life with the creation of Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey Toy. Yes! Mickey is now dancing and kicking.

The toy first came out in public last February 2010 in the American International Toy Fair and the people are really amazed. Dance star Mickey toy finally came out in the market last October 2010. Kids and those not so young have the chance now to dance with Mickey in the comfort of their homes. The best Christmas toy of 2010 is finally here.

One good thing about the toy is that it is an interactive toy that kids and their parents can enjoy. Mickey can talk and his humor can definitely make you laugh. He can walk, clap and sway his hands and of course the most important thing, he can dance with different tunes. He can dance in Latin music, Techno music and believe it or not he can even dance the Moonwalk. How is that? Isn’t it really amazing? This dance star Mickey toy will surely keep your kids occupied and busy for hours.

The toy is not only the best gift for kids but it is also for those Mickey Mouse collectors. Dance star Mickey toy is surely one amazing addition to your collection. Seeing Mickey in action is really amazing and infectious that you will get up on your feet and dance with him.