Denver Plane from Aaron Burdett

Organic Record’s new single for Aaron Burdett offers a telling glimpse into the life of a touring artist, and also explains a bit about why he was made the newest member of the Steep Canyon Rangers when founding guitarist Woody Platt took his exit earlier this year.

Burdett is an unusually gifted songwriter, with a unique and edgy realism to his songs. One wouldn’t be surprised to see him follow in the footsteps of Chris Stapleton, who made the move from bluegrass to country on the strength of his songs, and his singing. But for now, the Steeps have him, and he is out on the road with them now.

The single is for one called Denver Plane, which Aaron says demonstrates how chance circumstances can come full circle in real life.

“In August of 2019 my band was flying out to Colorado to play some shows, and we found ourselves traveling alongside the Steep Canyon Rangers, who were doing the same. We had a really tight connection at Charlotte, and I remember running between terminals for about 20 minutes alongside Graham Sharp, songwriter and banjo player for their band. Both of us were lugging heavy instruments and backpacks, and we were not optimistic we’d get to the gate in time. Fortunately we did get there just as the plane doors were closing, and I made a note during the flight with a song idea about ‘running with the Rangers.’ As often happens, it took me a year or two to flesh out the full song, and we finally recorded it in the spring of 2022. 

Here’s where the story gets interesting, though. In June of 2022, quite unexpectedly, the Rangers contacted me about the possibility of joining them, and now, as I write this in the early fall of 2022, I’m actually a full member of the band, ‘running with the Rangers’ on a weekly basis. You can’t make this stuff up!”

Talk about a small world!

Aaron is supported on the track by the road band in question, Laura Ray on banjo, Zeb Gambill on mandolin, and Kim France on bass.

Have a listen…

Denver Plane is available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.