Fleet Foxes Release “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen” Ft. Tim Bernardes From Amazon Documentary ‘Wildcat’ @ Top40-Charts.com

Fleet Foxes Release “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen” Ft. Tim Bernardes From Amazon Documentary ‘Wildcat’ @ Top40-Charts.com
New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Today, Fleet Foxes release “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen,” a powerful blend of intimate, folk-influenced songwriting and widescreen, evocative vocal arrangements, accented by singing and guitar contributions from Brazilian musician Tim Bernardes. Recorded in Amsterdam and New York City, the stunning original song was written exclusively for the Amazon Studios documentary Wildcat, slated for theatrical release on Dec. 21 and globally on Prime Video on Dec. 30. This is the first song from Fleet Foxes since the group appeared on the 2022 Post Malone track “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol.” Fleet Foxes’ most recent album, 2020’s Shore, was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at this year’s GRAMMY Awards. Also earlier this year, Fleet Foxes shared the physical release of A Very Lonely Solstice featuring acoustic arrangements of fan-favorite songs spanning their catalog.

Additionally, “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen” was last week nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media Award for Best Original Song (Documentary Film).

Wildcat follows the emotional and inspiring story of a young veteran (Harry Turner) on a journey into the Amazon. There, he meets a young woman (Samantha Zwicker) running a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, and his life finds new meaning as he is entrusted with the care of an orphaned baby ocelot. For Harry, a trip meant to be an escape from the responsibilities of modern life turns out to be an unexpected adventure of love, discovery, and healing. Wildcat was directed by Melissa Lesh and Trevor Beck Frost and produced by Melissa Lesh, Trevor Beck Frost, Alysa Nahmias and Joshua Altman.

Robin Pecknold, the principal songwriter and vocalist for Fleet Foxes, commented on the composition, explaining “I was inspired by how the film employed unconventional means to arrive at something universally moving, and was struck by all the collisions inherent in the film’s conceit — between species, between hemispheres, between individuals, between the psychological and the natural. In hotel rooms and in borrowed studios, on time stolen from a world tour, I put this song together. It was an honor to be asked to make a song that could serve as an end-cap to this unique and affecting story and to collaborate with Tim again.”

In addition, on Nov. 15, Fleet Foxes will release Wading in Waist-High Water: The Lyrics of Fleet Foxes via Tin House. The book contains Pecknold’s complete lyrics from 55 songs, capturing the poetic and inventive storytelling that is a hallmark of the band’s music. These richly layered lyrics explore the complexity, darkness, and beauty of physical and emotional landscapes, both pastoral and modern. Accompanying the lyrics, Pecknold includes notes on his creative processes, inspirations, and motivations. With an introduction by celebrated novelist Brandon Taylor, and an afterword by Pecknold, Wading in Waist-High Water is a moving and intimate look at the art of songwriting, the joy of music-making, and what it means to produce meaningful and memorable sound.