Hungary – A Traveler’s Delight

Hungary – A Traveler’s Delight

Hungary is located in central Europe and is a great place to visit. Indeed it is frequently mentioned as one of the top 20 countries that any traveler must visit. Its capital Budapest is considered to be one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. Being centrally located in Europe, it shares its borders with Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Serbia.

Temperatures in Hungary top 40 degrees centigrade at the peak of summer and are known to drop down all the way to -20 degrees in the winter months. Hungary receives its share of rainfall due to the continental nature of prevailing weather patterns. The west usually receives more rain than the east and droughts are not an uncommon occurrence there.

Hungary is home to several World Heritage sites. Many of these are located in the capital city of Budapest as well as the historic town of Eger. Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful, lively and enjoyable cities. The city is very green with numerous large parks, wonderful museums and a pulsating nightlife. With over 20 million visitors every year it is no wonder that Budapest is a must visit for any traveler in Europe.

Budapest is actually made up of two cities which lie on either bank of the Danube River. Buda lies on the west bank and Pest lies on the east. Budapest is an easy city to get around city and its underground rail system is responsible in no small way for this. There are three lines (yellow, red and blue) which criss-cross the city allowing tourist to get around Budapest quite easily. Budapest also has 25 tram lines which is a wonderful way for a tourist to see and explore the city. The most popular tourist destination is the Royal Palace. Within it lie the National Gallery, the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Matthias Church.

In downtown Pest, one can also see the Hungarian Parliament which overlooks he Danube. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and The Great Synagogue along with the Jewish Museum are other stops on any tourist itinerary. The Danubuis range of hotels is a decent mid range option to stay for travelers in Hungary.

Eger is located in northern Hungary and is a mountain country surrounded by the Matra and Bukk mountains. This historic town is popular with tourists because of the Egri Var Castle which is the prime attraction of this town. Besides this there is a weapons exhibit, mint museum, Gothic Palace and an art gallery for visitors to see. Eger is also a wine country with some of the best Hungarian wines being produced in this area. The most famous of the red wines produced in Hungary is the Egri Bikaver or Bull’s Blood.

There is an amazing phenomenon called Tiszavirágzás that can be observed in mid-June usually in Hungary. The Tisza produces swarms of mayflies ever year which look like flowers! While pollution has taken its toll in the past on this natural phenomenon, in recent years the population of these insects is again increasing.