Low-cost Apple iPod Nano

The iPod nano is Apple’s fourth electronic audio player combining attributes of each the iPod shuffle and iPod. It was launched on September 7, 2005, changing the iPod mini, which was discontinued on the identical day. The substitution of the mini took Macintosh web-sites and the push entirely by surprise since, despite the fact that there had been rumors about a new flash memory-primarily based iPod, there was no prior see of the mini being discontinued.

Operate on progress of the new design of the iPod nano began only 9 months in advance of the launch day. The iPod nano has much more flash memory storage than is utilized in the iPod shuffle and has a miniaturized edition of the color monitor and click wheel identified on the comprehensive-sized iPods. The display screen also has a higher resolution than the old grayscale iPod, allowing for a person extra line of textual content than the mini’s display screen. The battery and other internal areas were also decreased in size. The surface of the simply click wheel is a bit tough, allowing increased tactile comments for out-of-sight procedure.


Dimension comparison of iPod nano and conventional-sized mouse.Marketing emphasizes the iPod nano’s compact dimension: it is 1.6 inches (40 mm) wide, 3.5 inches (90 mm) long, .27 inches (6.9 mm) thick and weighs 1.5 ounces (42 grams). Its said battery lifetime is 14 hours. The display is 176 x 132 pixels, 1.5 inches (38 mm) diagonal, and can exhibit 65,536 hues (16-bit shade).

The iPod nano works with iTunes on Mac OS X or Microsoft Home windows (third-bash program is out there for platforms that Apple does not assist). It connects as a result of the exact same proprietary dock connector as the 3rd-technology iPod, the fourth-generation iPod, and the iPod mini, employing a USB 2. port on the user’s personal computer. Despite the fact that it takes advantage of the similar relationship of Apple’s FireWire iPod Cable and can charge its battery about FireWire, the iPod nano does not guidance synchronizing over a FireWire link. The iPod nano features a halt check out and a numerous time zone clock function. There is also a combination lock feature that will make use of the click on wheel to lock the iPod, and serves to safe the user’s calendar and speak to info. It was also the 1st iPod to include a new lyrics display, modifiable applying iTunes.

The nano was introduced in two colours (black or white) with two obtainable dimensions: 2 GB (around 500 tunes) for $199 USD and 4 GB (1000 songs) for $249 USD. On February 7, 2006, Apple updated the lineup with the 1 GB product (240 songs) sold at $149. Apple also launched some extras, including armbands and silicone “tubes” developed to convey color to the nano and guard it from scratches, as nicely as a blend lanyard-earphone accent that hangs all over the neck, and avoids the problem of tangling earphone cords.

The iPod nano employs flash memory alternatively of a tricky disk. As a end result, it has no moving sections, producing it immune to skipping and significantly more strong than disk-centered players. The tradeoff is, like with all flash memory, it has a finite selection of browse/compose cycles. Testing by engineering-fanatic web-site Ars Technica has demonstrated that even following remaining driven in excess of twice by a car, the unit’s monitor was broken but that it could however play audio. The unit finally stopped taking part in tunes soon after remaining thrown 40 toes into the air.

Though the iPod nano fees extra than the iPod mini selection it changed, it need to be famous that the iPod nanos are priced exactly the same as the iPod minis (2 + 4GB) were when they ended up to start with introduced again in 2004. As opposed to earlier iPods, Apple is not offering an optional FireWire cable for the iPod nano (nor the fifth-era iPod). The deficiency of the remote connector found on the prime of the iPod mini and Generations 3 and 4 of the iPod intended that a selection of third-party accessories will not work with the iPod nano. Nonetheless, given that the removing of the remote connector from the main iPod line to the swap of the Universal Dock connector, brands have been compelled to establish alternatives to extras that utilised it. The nano also lacks the Television set-out and voice recording choices of the larger iPods. Apple has also said that, unlike other iPods capable of storing shots, the iPod nano will not get the job done with possibly Apple’s iPod Camera Connector or any digicam connectors from third-celebration brands.

Nike+iPod, launched Could 23, 2006, is 1 of the a lot of extras created particularly for the iPod nano. The benefits of the Nike+iPod is to sync details such as the distance traveled, running tempo, or burned calories to the Nike+ site.

The iPod nano utilizes general-reason integrated circuits (IC) instead of smaller sized, low charge customized produced chips, potentially to cut down time-to-market place. This style, having said that, improves the number of digital factors and raises the cost. Japanese engineers estimated the ingredient price tag of the 2 GB nano as in between JPY22000 and JPY27000, which is large in contrast to the retail price tag of JPY21800. The value of 2 GB NAND flash memory is about JPY14000. Apple opted for the larger value 0603 (.6 x .3mm) components, the latest surface mount engineering, as opposed to much less expensive but larger sized 1005 (1. x .5mm) components. In actuality, there remains offered real estate on the motherboard.

Consumer reactions

iPod nanoThe preliminary purchaser reaction to the iPod nano was overwhelmingly favourable and sales have been hefty.The nano sold its initially 1 million units in only 17 days, assisting Apple to a record billion-greenback revenue in 2005.

Apple’s release of the iPod nano as a substitution for the iPod mini is viewed by quite a few as a dangerous transfer. The mini was not only Apple’s most preferred MP3 participant, it was still the world’s most effective-selling participant up to the end of its lifespan and sales of the mini did not surface to be slowing down. Steve Employment has argued that the iPod nano is a vital danger given that rivals are starting to capture up to the iPod mini in phrases of structure and characteristics, and believes the iPod nano will verify to be even far more preferred and effective than the iPod mini. Analysts see this as part of the corporate culture of Apple, which depends heavily on innovating to proceed appealing to shoppers.

Inside of times of the nano’s release, some customers noted destruction to the nano, suggesting that the Liquid crystal display monitor experienced develop into so scratched that it was unreadable, even when the backlight was on. A lot of have documented wonderful scratches on their nano brought about by microfiber cloths. Other proprietors claimed that their nano’s monitor cracked with no provocation.On September 27, Apple verified a compact share (“considerably less than 1/10 of 1 %”) of iPod nanos delivered with a faulty monitor and agreed to replace any nanos with cracked screens, but denied the iPod nano was much more susceptible to scratching than prior iPods.Apple started shipping iPod nanos with a protecting sleeve to safeguard them from scratches. In October 2005, a course action lawsuit was filed towards Apple, with the plaintiffs searching for reimbursement for the system, lawful charges, and “illegal or illegal earnings” from sales of the iPod nano. Attorneys for the plaintiffs declare that the gadgets “scratch excessively throughout typical utilization, rendering the display on the nanos unreadable, and violating state consumer security statutes”.Comparable lawsuits had been later filed in Mexico and the United Kingdom.Some commentators such as BusinessWeek’s Arik Hesseldahl have criticized the lawsuits. Hesseldahl dismissed them as “silly” and advised that they benefitted “no a single but the demo lawyers,” but also recommended that Apple could have prevented litigation by providing “total refunds on undesired nanos” as an alternative of charging a re-stocking charge and lengthening the return period of time from 14 (if acquired on the net) or 10 (if bought at retail) to 30 or 60 times.

Pope Benedict XVI owns a white 2GB iPod nano, getting the very first Pope to have an iPod.