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Martha Binge-Watched Bridgerton , Too—Here’s What She Thinks of the Show

Martha Binge-Watched Bridgerton , Too—Here’s What She Thinks of the Show

After the Netflix series Bridgerton debuted on Christmas Day in 2020, millions of viewers around the country spent the remainder of the year on a salacious journey back to England’s Regency era—and Martha was one of them. During a recent podcast interview with iHeart Radio, our founder revealed that she was just as enthralled by the show as we were. “I watched the entire series. I binge-watched it!” she told the host.

Her main takeaway from the Shondaland production? “It was a little shocking! Very disruptive,” she laughed. As she is about most things, Martha is right. If you haven’t given Bridgerton a watch, put it on the queue—you’ll quickly understand.

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And while our founder thoroughly appreciated the show (she’s looking forward to listening to its source material, a book series by Julia Quinn, on audiobook), she likely enjoyed hosting its creator, Shonda Rhimes, that much more. In another part of the podcast, Martha revealed that she has, in fact, shared her home with the lauded producer. “Shonda Rhimes slept in my guest house!” she told the host. “I had never met her before—and she came with her sister, who is her art director. She was staying at a local hotel and hated it and was looking for a house. My friend called me and said, ‘Can Shonda Rhimes stay at your house?’ I said that I was dying to meet her, I can’t wait!”

Rhimes spent “two or three nights” at Bedford, and according to Martha, she was “fantastic”—and hard at work (on a Bridgerton season two, perhaps?) the entire time. “She was working all night long. She’s a workaholic,” she said, reverently.