MICHAEL SCHENKER Blasts K.K. DOWNING Over Flying V Guitar Claim: ‘Why Would He Lie About This?’

MICHAEL SCHENKER Blasts K.K. DOWNING Over Flying V Guitar Claim: ‘Why Would He Lie About This?’

In a model new interview with the “Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern” basic rock show, legendary German guitarist Michael Schenker was questioned about ex-JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing‘s claim that he “was the to start with guy to convey the Flying V [guitar] to large metallic at any time.” Schenker stated (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.Internet): “All those folks out there, they are so desperate for recognition and for getting the initially and having all the bloody credit score, like my brother. It is unbelievable. I have no expectation, and for the reason that of that people today consider they can stroll all in excess of me and rip me off and just take the credit. I heard even METALLICA declaring, the guitarists, that they invented the gallop [rhythm]. I had the gallop on [UFO‘s] ‘Rock Bottom’effectively right before [METALLICA did]. These men and women are insane. They are so determined for fame.”

Circling again to Downing‘s claim, Schenker claimed: “First of all, JUDAS PRIEST and UFO was recording at the very same studio. And JUDAS PRIEST guitarists are Michael Schenker enthusiasts. That’s number a single. So if they’re Michael Schenker enthusiasts, it can be most very likely that K.K. Downing ripped me off alternatively than the other way close to.

“Then, when I went to the Whisky A Go Go when I had my 1st American tour, with my girlfriend, when I was 19 decades previous — someplace ’74 or so, ’75 — we saw JUDAS PRIEST at the Whisky A Go Go. When they arrived onstage, I seemed at my girlfriend and she appeared at me. He was a double of me — he was an absolute double. He had the curly hair, he had the Flying V, he had my stage outfit as shut as you can get it. It was unbelievable. And the fact is everyone is aware of that he’s a supporter of Michael Schenker, so why would he lie about this in the very first put? That’s just ridiculous.”

Asked when the past time was that he talked to Downing, Schenker explained: “We played at his location [KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton, England], and in my dressing room there was a gift from K.K. Downing with an envelope with a great welcome with chocolates and a full basket full of goodies and stuff like that and with a many thanks take note, et cetera, et cetera. Definitely, he was really content that I was participating in in his location.”

When interviewer Dave Kinchen questioned Schenker if he is “astonished” by the point that Downing is taking credit history for becoming “the 1st male” to bring the Flying V guitar to heavy metal, Michael said: “I am shocked, to be straightforward — that folks are so determined that they even lie about that. Even although people today can trace their interviews from the earlier when they have said that they are Michael Schenker fans, et cetera, et cetera. It is really unbelievable. But I will tell you what: I have listened to and found a lot of factors. Practically nothing surprises me any more.”

Schenker previously voiced his perception that Downing copied his appear when he spoke to Canada’s The Metal Voice in early April. Right after interviewer Jimmy Kay observed that it is “astounding” how “most people [was] copying” Schenker‘s search and his guitar actively playing, Michael stated: “Yeah, at least that was in the ’80s. That is what occurs. They possibly copied me or Eddie Van Halen, or they copied each and every other on the ’80s scene, just to be element of a trend.”

In current yrs, Schenker has frequently accused his brother, SCORPIONS guitarist Rudolf Schenker, of “completely distorting” Michael‘s “individuality as an icon by applying the Traveling V himself. “In some cases Rudolf would come up to me and proudly report who’d tapped him on the shoulder and stated, ‘Hey, Michael, how are you doing?’ Slash and Joe Perry, for instance,” Michael advised Guitar Entire world in a 2020 interview. “When I wasn’t on the lookout, he managed for decades to distort the hell out of the impression of the Schenker brothers. People you should not have a clue any more who is who. It truly is incredible how he managed to distort the complete matter. Rudolf produced a offer with Gibson for black-and-white guitars. He requested me if I minded if he played a black-and-white Traveling V. I questioned myself why he wants to be me, but I just explained, ‘Go in advance.’ Then he pushed it so considerably in making an attempt to make the black-and-white impression his. He won’t know who he is. Then he had the cheek to make a deal with Gibson for a signature Traveling V.”

Final year, Downing instructed Sonic Perspectives that he was inspired to play a Traveling V guitar at an early age. “It stemmed from when I was a kid,” he claimed. “I noticed the Traveling V in the store and I could not afford to pay for it. And I used to search at it. I was that Oliver Twist type of child — [I] did not have the funds, but somehow I realized it was the guitar for what I wanted to do. And now, naturally, the Flying V is synonymous with steel and hefty rock. To me, there was under no circumstances a dilemma.”

“Universal”, the new studio album from Schenker‘s MICHAEL SCHENKER Team, will be unveiled on May possibly 27 by way of Atomic Hearth Data.

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