Pick Me a Ringtone

With the growing popularity of the cell phones the need for accessories has also grown. Like in every other area there is a need to be different. Ring tones are not just the sound that informs you of the incoming call but has become a fashion statement. One defines their personality and mood through ringtones. They pay tribute to their favorite artist, actors and movie by downloading their songs and sound tracks.

Nowadays many ringtones such as voice tones, caller tunes, monophonic tones, polyphonic tones, true tones etc are available online. They are either free or require a small payment over the internet to get your favourite ringtone. From Michael Jackson to folk song, from giggling babies to car honks, huge variety of ring tones are available. Cell phone ring tones have evolved tremendously since its first introduction. From simple beeps ring tones have now become polyphonic. Polyphonic ring tones use two or more independent melodies playing synchronously. Present day cell phones are highly sophisticated and can play four to forty tones and notes simultaneously. Polyphonic ring tones have replaced monophonic tones by sheer superior and pleasant quality. They can play various musical instruments like guitars, drums, pianos etc.

One can add more spice to their mobile experience by being a little bit more adventurous about your ring tone. One could always download software which would allow them to create your own music and then transfer it to your mobile. Ring tones have a huge social influence. This can make you really cool or a weirdo depending on your choice of your ring tone. Ring tones are all about uniqueness. One needs to carefully pick their ring tones as it defines their personality and mood. This tells people around you, your choice of music, your creativity and your style.

Some people may choose to download seasonal ringtones. For example, you can download Christmas ringtones. Like other ringtones, Christmas ringtones come themed to Christmas movies or they focus on traditionally favorite Christmas songs. On the other hand if you are a sports fan, you can find ring tones that pertain to sports like racing, tennis, football and more. Last but not the least, if you are a nature lover, you can download ring tones to curb your craving for the wild by down loading nature sounds or animal cries. Animal ring tones include monkeys, elephants, dolphins, frogs, hawks, wolves and many more.