Review of Team Method Guitar – Essential Guitar Lessons by a Team of Experts

Review of Team Method Guitar – Essential Guitar Lessons by a Team of Experts

A guitar learning course that contains a variety of unique and exciting features, “Team Method Guitar” is created by none other than Ben Edwards, a professional guitar instructor who also created the popular guitar training program “Jamorama”.

The course consists of a variety of essential guitar lessons that is useful for all skill levels, provided by a group of professional and experienced guitar tutors. The bunch of guitarists are experts in their own areas and deliver lessons that cover a wide range of guitar styles and techniques.

The Main Features of Team Method Guitar

• Books that include lessons relevant for both absolute beginners as well intermediate guitarists.

• 10 DVDs that include 148 high quality video lessons to accompany the books.

• An advanced guitar lesson book that contains lessons on lead guitar.

• DVDs that include 43 advanced lead guitar video lessons.

• CDs that consist of 26 jam tracks for beginners and intermediates in a range of styles (blues, rock, classical, jazz etc). 29 lead guitar jam tracks for advanced players (bar blues. minor blues, metal, fast country, Pop etc).

• A DVD that include lessons on acoustic guitar.

• Contains lessons to learn how to play by your ear.

• The chord reference kit book and DVD.

You would also be offered four essential software tools as Bonuses along with the course.

• GuitearIt is a software tool created to develop skills to identify guitar chords effectively.

• Guitar Tuner Pro is a useful tool to make sure your guitar is tuned well.

• Jayde Musica Pro is an effective software game developed to learn how to read the notes.

• Team Method Guitar Metronome developed to help increase your guitar playing speed.

Another great feature available to students is the LIVE online support where they can log in and get their doubts cleared from the team of expert instructors.

Team Method Guitar learning program downloadable version is priced at an affordable $97 and the price of the physical version is $209 which is on the expensive side. That is the only drawback I see with the course but having said that, you will receive the same materials in the download version so it does not really make any difference.

A unique guitar learning program filled with loads of valuable content, Team Method Guitar lesson program provides exceptional value for its price and helps a novice student become a better guitar player at the end of the course.