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Segan Combines Energy with Beauty on New Single “In Your Arms”

Segan Combines Energy with Beauty on New Single “In Your Arms”

Segan is a reasonably new identify to the drum n bass scene. Tracks of his like “Champion” and “Assault Buy” drop an insane sum of audio-action that you would count on from artists in the genre. However, the Los Angeles producer has dropped a new single “In Your Arms” that strays absent from DnB and provides in its stead a vocally-charged, 50 % time anthem.

“In Your Arms” kicks off with a flurry synths and singing that is reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Imogen Heap. It’s smooth, breathy and enchanting. The drums decide on up and as they get to the fall we are achieved with a slower climax than what most Segan followers would be used to. But the glimmering synths and gnarly bassline merge this euphoric vitality with a tricky kick-drum sample. This gives “In Your Arms” a ton of invigorating aspects that compel you to dance to its wonderful conquer.

It is an remarkable sound for an artist to shift in that has been created their occupation all over the expanding American drum and bass growth. In their third yr as a producer, their growing into the dubstep/foreseeable future bass seem designed common by the likes of Illenium and Seven Lions (the former of which he has remixed way too). “‘In Your Arms’ is meant to scratch an itch you did not know was there,” explained Segan.  “[The song] is the embodiment of where the Segan undertaking is headed.”

If which is real, then we undoubtedly cannot hold out to listen to a lot more! But meanwhile, make guaranteed to examine out “In Your Arms” by Segan.