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Soda Pop – A Fun Drink Or a Silent Killer?

Soda Pop – A Fun Drink Or a Silent Killer?

Few things in life are considered as sacred as the allegiance pledged to a favorite soft drink brand. Pepsi lovers stand true to their brand just as Coca Cola and Mountian Dew or Dr. Pepper lovers. The most popular name brand is of no significance in comparison to the damage caused.

Soda is destroying the body. High amounts of sodium cause unnatural amounts of fluid to cling to the body. This fluid can cause joint issues and high blood pressure or stroke.

Sodium or salt is used to dry or preserve meats. It accomplishes this by drawing the moisture from the cells leaving a dry withered version of a once healthy specimen. In other words it Dehydrates. Can you imagine what the kidneys of a person that drinks a 2 liter soda every day looks like. Dried and shrunken, withered and worn like dried prunes would be a likely description along with dark, smelly urine.

Next consider the sugar intake from soda. There are 2 cups of sugar and sugar products in each 2 liter drink. This adds many extra pounds of body weight and can cause diabetes. You are not off the hook if you drink diet soda either. Diet soda contains Aspertame!!! Aspertame is proven to cause cancer in humans.

Finally consider that the human body is 2\3 water. When someone only drinks soft drinks and rarely takes on pure water, the body is forced to run in an opposite mode to normal. The body will compensate by overworking the entire system at the cellular level therefore causing the immune system to break down. This can leave a person wide open to a plethora of illness or worse, causing this to be one allegiance that needs to be broken before it gets us all.