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The Pantera Reunion Tour Is Officially Happening

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The Pantera Reunion Tour Is Officially Happening

The Pantera reunion tour has long been deemed the excellent, fabled, metal reunion tour of all time — and a single that would virtually undoubtedly never happen. Provided that guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbot and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott are both useless, it’s been usually assumed that the tour was a pipe dream. But now, it appears that the band’s surviving associates, vocalist Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown, are cashing in and accomplishing a Pantera reunion tour.

In accordance to Billboard, Anselmo and Brown have signed up with Artist Group Intercontinental to e-book a set of 2023 North American dates below the Pantera name. The only other detail that the band have unveiled is that guitarist and longtime good friend of Dimebag’s Zakk Wylde will not be involved.

States reserving agent Peter Pappalardo, “We are thrilled to be doing work with this sort of an iconic band and bringing their new music back again to the enthusiasts.”

We hope this “reunion” provides some Pantera fans joy and a perception of pleasure. We hope they have a superior time. But for what it’s well worth, I think this is an extremely stupid plan. So a lot of Pantera’s untamable magic was the Abbott Brothers, Dimebag primarily (no shade on Vinnie, we love Vinnie, but he wasn’t the fleet-fingered riff god that Darrell was). In the meantime, Pantera broke up less than uncomfortable instances, and I hardly ever received the vibe that Phil and the Abbotts had been again on magnificent phrases. This feels like properly-packaged sour milk to me. But hey, guess I will not obtain tickets and that’ll be that.

Extra on this story as it unfolds.

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