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YEDM Album Review: Dylan Tauber Has Summer Chill Trance Covered With ‘He Loves Carmen’

YEDM Album Review: Dylan Tauber Has Summer Chill Trance Covered With ‘He Loves Carmen’

The awesome factor about producer, composer and experimental artist Dylan Tauber’s do the job is that even however it is on the experimental close of EDM, it is however EDM and it is universally palettable. Quite often experimental audio can be sharp or harsh, as the artist receives so caught up in experimenting with sound and the science of it all, it fails to be songs in the eyes and ears of some audiences. This is not the situation with Tauber, whose pedigree is firmly rooted in advanced composition and sonic science, simply because he’s also generally intrigued in the splendor of the composition. Potentially its his other disciplines like photography and digital art Tauber’s constantly about the all round effects, and his new album He Enjoys Carmen, produced in April on his have Son of Waves Studio imprint, definitely leaves and affect.

YEDM commenced following Tauber in 2017 when he introduced the very first of his Sounds from Space albums, the 2nd quantity of which was his most new album prior to He Enjoys Carmen. Before that was yet another notable sequence called Dolphin Trance, which is wherever Tauber actually started off to make his mark on trance and rave new music. Prior to that, Tauber was much much more on the ambient conclusion of EDM and on the experimental finish of ambient, but it appears with He Loves Carmen, he’s committed to remaining a trancy pants, at the very least for now.

Seemingly encouraged by his girlfriend, the production on He Enjoys Carmen is really a new degree for Tauber. He’s truly acquired the ambient/experimental and dance globe to meld this time. From the vintage rave hints in album opener “Don’t Inform Me” to the 80s synthwave-encouraged potential bass of pseudo-title observe “I Love Carmen” to the rave pop of “Let It Go,” the chill, synthy trance of He Enjoys Carmen has a good, constant feel with an emotive and heart-lifting base.

A single of the most important reasons He Enjoys Carmen has such a unified really feel and emotion to it, as nicely as the way in which it feels so modern-day regardless of all the vintage tones and tack is the vocalist Tauber collaborated with on the full album. Ukrainian vocalist Anastasia Derkach has lent her distinctive and pitch-great vox to a several tracks prior to connecting with Tauber, but it would seem on this release with him offering her carte blanche to actually use her voice on a number of of the tracks like “I Miss out on You,” “I Appreciate Carmen” and “All I want Is You,” it really galvanized the experience of this album. Derkach has the form of voice that’s the two childlike and timeless both of those contemporary and classic and ties all the types and sounds of He Loves Carmen collectively even a lot more.


It feels odd to say that He Enjoys Carmen might be Dylan Tauber’s finest work to-day, generally due to the fact 1 could say that about every of his 14 albums and it would usually be real. Tauber’s a master of audio science and makes a new globe of sound for each individual album he releases. For the EDM, established, on the other hand, this a person will hit distinctive. Expertly developed and entire of gorgeous composition to keep the tech nerds content but effortlessly emotive and masking a large assortment of eras at the exact time, He Enjoys Carmen also happens to match in properly with what’s scorching ideal now in electronica. It is form of a Hudson Mohawke outcome, pushed after all over again by Derkach’s vocals: the emotion, the tech, the talent and the awesome all just arrive jointly right here, and it is even additional poignant that it’s impressed by adore.

He Enjoys Carmen is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. To see additional of his new music videos from this and other albums, go to Dylan Tauber’s YouTube page.