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Are You Getting the Most From Your iPod Music Downloads?

Are You Getting the Most From Your iPod Music Downloads?

Gone are the days where downloading music was a hassle and a problem. With new types of connections, including USB cables and FireWire, it couldn’t be easier to keep your music up to date and download the latest hits in a simple and problem-free fashion. Apple offers their iTunes website, which provides an amazing selection of songs from every imaginable genre of music.

The iTunes store boasts over three and a half million songs to choose from, and there are also podcasts, TV shows, movies, audiobooks and even iPod games if you are looking for more than just iPod music downloads. The iTunes store features the major music labels as well as music by independent artists, and once you buy the song from the store it is yours to use and play as often as you choose. There is no subscription to the store, rather you pay on a per-use basis, rather than a flat subscription rate plus additional costs for songs once the limit is reached. For some people that download a consistent number of songs the subscription option may be more cost effective, but it is important to carefully monitor your downloads as well as track your usage to avoid going over your download limit and ending up with penalty or over-usage fees.

The iTunes store also offers a handy download manager that allows you to establish and pre-set the order of the songs that you have selected for downloading. This saves a lot of play list set-up time after the download is complete. Simply browse through the music by category, artist or song titles, select what you wish to download and hit the button. Once the music has been downloaded all that is required is to connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cable or the FireWire connection and synchronize your iPod with the computer. Most of the docking station and cradles that hold the iPod during this process already have batteries or are charging your iPod so you don’t need to worry about running your play time down while you are synching your iPod. Some iPods, such as the Shuffle, allow for random selections of songs to give a unique play list every time, and even allows the listener to hear new music while still staying within a particular genre or music style.

The manual that comes with any new or refurbished iPod provides detailed information on how to complete and troubleshoot any issues with iPod music downloads. In addition the Apple website has videos and tutorials for each specific iPod player, which makes iPod music downloads and downloading easy and simple.