Beginner Guitar Online – 7 Easy Ways to Learn Scales and Chords

Beginner Guitar Online – 7 Easy Ways to Learn Scales and Chords

When beginning to learn on guitar It’s important to recognize what style of learning works best for you to learn guitar as quickly as possible. Once you know your learning style in order to learn guitar, It’s good to be aware of the countless ways that you can learn how to play scales and chords on your instrument.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways that you can learn how to play scales and chords on your guitar.

1.Pictures and Diagrams: There are some great resources out there of pictures and diagrams of guitars with chard shapes and guitar scales. You will want to find what works best for you as not all diagrams and pictures are the same. Look around, and when you find a chord or scale picture system that you visually understand, you can then begin learning your chords and scales

2. Tablature: Some consider tablature a guitar players best friend. The nice thing about tablature is that you don’t need to have any guitar sight reading abilities to play your instrument using tablature. The downside to tablature is that you have no way of learning what the correct rhythm structure of a song is.

3. Positional Playing: One great thing about scales and certain chords such as bar chords, is that you can positional play them. Positional playing is where you take the shape of a chord or scale, and move it around the guitar. As long as you know what root note you are playing, you can pretty much take any guitar shape and move it around the guitar.

4. Notes: Notes are the traditional method of learning your instrument. It’s a good idea to begin learning all of the notes of your guitar. Start of with the first 4 frets of your guitar on all 6 strings, and work up from there. Even if you plan to learn guitar using tablature, it’s also important to learn how to read basic guitar music, as this will help you with learning rhythm on guitar. The more you know your notes on your instrument and notes on paper, the more quickly you will be able to figure out chords and scales.

5. Solfage: Solfage is the classical system of “do re me fa so la ti do”. This method is good to be aware of, however, completely impractical to learn guitar on.

6. Numbers: Using a number system to learn chords and scales is a great way to learn chords and scales on guitar. It’s also a great way to quickly learn how to sight read on guitar past the 4th fret. All you do is take the key that you are playing in and change that root note to 1. For example in the key of C major,

C=1 D=2 E=3 F=4 G=5 A=6 B=7 C=1(8)

7. Lessons: Guitar lessons are traditionally taken 1:1 from a guitar instructor. You can also take Video guitar lessons. If you take video guitar lessons make sure you have e-mail or video access so that if you have any questions you can communicate with your instructor. You will want to make sure your guitar instructor has been playing for more than 5 years. This will ensure that your instructor is more advanced than you, and that your guitar instructor has had some playing experience.