Economic Satellite TV Service Provision

Economic Satellite TV Service Provision

Today satellite TV service cannot be done without in many families around the world. Mornings, afternoons and evenings, programs are telecasted by these providers to capture the interest of viewers in music, politics, religion, tourism and culture, sports, education, science and technology etc. the programs have today become the life-wire of many folks around the world since they are fully reliant on their service providers for information dissemination.

The current trend in service provision whereby dishes, decoders, receivers, cables and other different gadgets are put together for either transmitting signals to the clients or receiving signals from the satellites are all good and better technology than the analogue system that is currently obsolete. This digitized system makes imaging on the television sets to be superb hence making satellite transmission a lot more attractive. In the current trend, people can spend as low as $100 to buy the dish and decoder from the favourite provider and pay an annual subscription as low as $200 ($16.67 per month) in the developing world. This cost of connection and subscription rate may be smaller in the advanced nations where more providers and competitiveness exists.

Comparing the cost mentioned above and the adduced gain of the satellite TV services, one can simply conclude that it is a good deal. Good deal indeed I think so but you need a better deal and even a best deal that allows your pocket more liquidity. These providers allow access to between 50 to 100 channels at the subscription rate of about $200 per annum. When you initially subscribe, the services of a technician is required to fix the dish, connect the decoder, run the cables, position the dish to the receiving longitude and latitude etc at a cost of about $65. This is a one-time payment however, on the event of shift of the dish or other minor technical hitches on the operation, the services of a technician will still be needed again.

You can see that the acclaimed economical satellite TV services may not necessarily be economical at the long run. Consider the recurring $16.67 monthly subscription and other maintenance cost that may accrue within one year, you can then believe with me that it is not that economical. Sometimes to make matters worst, the wind may damage the dish or lightening can affect the decoder warranting a replacement (this may cost about $50). It is noteworthy that the dishes and the decoders are immobile hence the satellite TV programs can only be enjoyed at home or at points they are mounted.

Today the trend is changed with the introduction of software that work with the internet facility to enable you to watch satellite TV programs on your personnel computers (PC) and laptops. This tested and proven software packages have the potentials of making your information reception via satellite TV channels in your house, office, anywhere you go without dish, decoder, cable etc. you only need an internet connection. I think that this innovation is most noble in making satellite TV signals receptions most convenient. Imagine using your laptop and PC to watch over 3000 satellite TV channels without toil. This software makes you the technician, the service provider and the user hence eliminating all the recurring expenditure accruing from subscriptions and sometimes repairs. If you consider a 3000 channel subscription from a satellite TV service provider, I think your monthly subscription will not be less than $150.

Consider this economic satellite TV service provision that does not even require a TV set. You subscribe to nobody but only get the software that could cost lesser than your 3 months subscription. I think that this new way of watching satellite TV channels from over 170 countries in the world is the most economic way of information dissemination. Considering the need to spend less at this time of critical economic insolvency , the utilization of products that make you spend less and have enough satisfaction should be the ultimate goal.