God’s Love Revealed Through Hope

God’s Love Revealed Through Hope

God’s love. The mightiest force in existence, fully capable of accomplishing impossibilities, and freely and generously given – we don’t have to try to beckon this amazing love from some far off, distant realm.

His love brushes up against us as He walks along side, His arm thrown over our shoulder through difficulties, embraces us as we lay our weary heads on His lap and cry and He lifts our arms in victory as He high-fives us and rejoices as He delivers us from defeat.

His love comes in many forms – but His love does NOT come from a distance. It is here! That’s the basis of Christmas. Christmas is about a radical love that could not be contained within the heavenly sphere. God’s love birthed through Mary and Joseph broke the darkness of this world:

Mary and Joseph were poor. His love broke through poverty and lack.
Mary and Joseph were afraid. His love disintegrated fear.
Mary and Joseph were alone. His love busted through isolation and loneliness.
Mary and Joseph were disgraced. His love broke through shame.
Mary and Joseph were in danger. His love broke through oppression.
Mary and Joseph gave birth in a filthy stable… His love erased the grime of our lives.

God’s love still does all of these things. That is the message of Christmas. Always believe. Choose to have a radical belief. An unstoppable belief. A hope filled belief. God’s love for you personally has arrived and is here. Receive it, embrace it, bask in it. Believe this Christmas. Always believe!