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How To Use A Remix Maker Like A Professional DJ

How To Use A Remix Maker Like A Professional DJ

The remix maker has become a huge help to the music studio producer, when it comes to organizing his projects. Gone are the days, when you needed a lot of physical hardware and cables all over the place to create your music. These days the same effects can be generated on your computer screen with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes.

By crafting pitch, volume and speed individually for each recorded sound sample, and then saving it to a database, anyone can create music mixes like a DJ. You can place each sound exactly where it is most needed to structure the beat or melody according to your musical ideas. When the almost unlimited reach of software is used, the art of composition becomes both fluid and flexible. Even standard sound effects like reverb, delay, compression and expansion can be brought to a whole new level. In the digital formats of today, the ranges of possibilities are so much wider. If you want to explore first hand what a remixer can do for your sound, a good start would be to browse some of the online varieties.

The website jamstudio

Utilizing controls that remind vaguely of spreadsheet programs, the screen is divided between four decks. You choose the chords in the top left deck, anything from A to G#. There is enough space to set five pages of music, each page featuring 16 bars of music. The time signature is changeable between three or four beats per bar. Move on to the right hand deck to choose your chords and add up to eight different tracks of instrumentation from the bottom right hand deck. You can even swap the playing sequence of your compositions around. Some of the samples are exclusive to the pay version of this website, but even the free version still puts some creative control in your hands. The tempo goes from 62 to 151 beats per minute.

The website looplabs

You can access five types of online remixing studios, each with their own identity and upload your creations directly to your MySpace account. However, the application takes fairly long to come online and you need to register to be able to use it. On the plus side, there are a few instructional videos to demonstrate the various uses of the programs.

In the early days of analog recordings, bands and songwriters had to plan their studio time and the nature of their recordings to be as near perfect as possible. Today, almost anything can be fixed or enhanced through the capabilities of a remix maker.