Looking For Music Without Lyrics? Here’s A Short Guide To Different Kinds Of Music Without Lyrics

Looking For Music Without Lyrics? Here’s A Short Guide To Different Kinds Of Music Without Lyrics

Who’s searching for music without lyrics, and why?

Some people are looking for backing music they can sing to, usually of songs that they’re familiar with. There are three kinds of music without lyrics that spring to mind, catering for this need.

1.) Karaoke – This usually comes on a CD or DVD, where the backing music is played while the lyrics, along with a video of some arbitrary scenery, are displayed.

The lyrics are usually highlighted at the appropriate time for them to be sung. While this form of music without lyrics is great for parties and pubs, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to serious vocal performances.

Technically speaking, this is actually music with lyrics, but the music and the lyrics have been separated so that you can sing them.

2.) Backing tracks – These are sometimes called “Backtracks”. Professional backing tracks are a step up from karaoke tracks, however, they don’t display the lyrics on a screen.

Professional backing tracks should contain as much live instrumentation as possible, or otherwise feature sound samples that are a very convincing substitute. You’ll find that a lot of quality backing tracks will only be available on audio CD or in mp3 format. The reason for this is that a lot of expensive audio samples and live recordings are used in this type of music without lyrics, making each backing track a unique production that can only be correctly reproduced either on the studio engineers own equipment, or as a final audio mix-down.

3.) Midi – Midi is short for “Musical instrument digital interface”. I’m sure you are familiar with the term “Midi file”. This is a music file that contains the note information as if it was played on a keyboard (Not the computer keyboard).

All of the instrumentation for a song can be reproduced via a computers sound card or other external keyboard sound modules.

Although midi is used extensively in recording studios, getting a midi file to sing along to is probably the poorest choice when looking for music without lyrics to compliment your vocal talent.

The audio samples used in general midi reproduction lack the tonal nuances that make up a convincing instrumental performance.

A brief summary of these three kinds of music without lyrics and their best uses

1.) Karaoke – Great for pubs and home entertainment.

2.) Backing tracks – For serious vocal performers.

3.) Midi – Great for one or two man bands who can supplement the fake sounding instruments with real live ones.

Other forms of music without lyrics.

I mention these only for the sake of completeness, but seeing as they are so obvious, I’ll make this short.

Classical music, Instrumental music (some people confuse this for backing tracks), Trance music and music for healing, which should also be music without lyrics and drums.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what to look for in music without lyrics.