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Mobile Wallpapers Show Your Character

Mobile Wallpapers Show Your Character

Wallpaper is one of the most attractive elements in a mobile phone. Nowadays, young people pursue distinction from other teenagers, so they decorate their mobile phones with many fancy trinkets.

I have downloaded many beautiful pictures on my mobile phone, and I use them as wallpapers on my mobile phone. I change wallpapers on my mobile phone anytime, because there are so many attractive pictures to choose from. And all my friends say they like my choice of wallpapers; they say that my wallpapers are very special and beautiful.

My wallpapers can be categorized as, cartoon pictures, photos of me, my family and friends, and images of my favorite pop stars.

Most of the time, I use my favorite singer’s photos as a background on my mobile phone. When my friends see my mobile phone, they always ask me who the fellows in the wallpaper are. I tell them that they are my favorite singers. I also ask my friends who is the most handsome, and I introduce their new songs to my friends, and some of my friends finally end up becoming fans of the artist, so I think a wallpaper also acts as a marketing tool on my mobile phone.

The wallpaper on a mobile phone can reflect the personality of the users also. Some wallpapers are very lovely and very animated, so the users can be assumed to be very happy and easy going and most of the time the users are young people or fashion-pursuing girls. Some phone wallpapers happen to have photographs of family members, so the user must be someone who loves his family very much. Some phone wallpapers carry pop star images, because most of the pop stars are very fashionable and beautiful or handsome. To sum up, wallpapers on a mobile phone are a very attractive aspect for teenagers as it shows there individual characters.