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Occupied Homes Stolen From Homeowners? Yes, Here’s How (video)

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Occupied Homes Stolen From Homeowners? Yes, Here’s How (video)

Properties at Risk in Fulton County and Nationwide

Burglars are frequently on the innovative go, and this a person requires the cake. Your house could be stolen even if you stay there.

Initial, they steal your id and then file a deed with a fake ID, and the county clerk has to file it. As soon as they do, the thief now owns your dwelling.


House Almost Stolen from Grandmother

It practically transpired to Leonard Beckett, who knowledgeable it. His grandmother obtained a household in 1970 for $6000, and the home is now value $700,000 immediately after repairs which is why the intruders have been intrigued.

The thieves tried out to fork out her property taxes to get hold of the residence, but Beckett caught on just in time and could stop the method. Experienced the tax payment succeeded, his grandmother would have been evicted.

Software to Warn Home owners

Fulton county has a new method identified as REAACT which alerts you if an individual attempts to file papers to steal your home. Hundreds of hundreds of houses are in Fulton county, but only a few in excess of 300 are registered with the software.

The regulation suggests that as prolonged as you have a effectively notarized deed, the county clerk has to file it. Why doesn’t GA improve the law that helps make it easy for intruders to steal residences?

Ironically, they feel house owners would be towards it as it would bring about a great deal extra paperwork to indication.

In the movie beneath, legal professional Ned Blumenthal explained if the clerk receives the notarized paperwork, by regulation, they need to file it and file it.

“In the easiest make any difference that someone could go out right now and get a pretend ID and claim – displays that they are the operator of the residence and if they’ve accomplished their investigation they’ve acquired, on the driver’s license they’d have the handle of the assets, and they would have your particular details that they observed through any variety of general public sources and they would just say they are you,” Blumenthal states. 11Alive 


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