Pop-Rock Songwriting Tips

If you are dreaming of writing great pop, country or rock songs songs, then you know that the songwriting process isn’t as easy as it might sound. You are constantly on a run for new ideas, great chorus, catchy lyrics and melodies. This article will provide you with songwriting tips that will help you write a hit song that will either open the door for you to the music industry or give you some well deserved music awards.

The last couple of years the music business has become more and more saturated with artists that don’t play any instrument but still mange to get lots of money and fame. It’s almost like they know some secrets and have methods of delivering hit after hit!

Looking from the outside this might seem so, but what you don’t know is there are quite a few songwriting techniques and lyric writing tricks that can make everybody a hit songwriter that can deliver a new song every day. So what’s the secret?

If you listen to your favorite song and analyze it, you’ll see that there is a pattern that repeats itself not only in that song, but in many others. If you want to write songs, you need to follow the pattern chorus- verse- chorus- bridge- verse- chorus- verse- chorus- chorus. Most singer songwriters don’t even follow the above patter, and they deliver music that is mainly composed of chorus, with a catchy melody and lyrics and some basic beats, that sells their album and boost their career. The audience today wants simplicity and if you want to tell a story with your song, you’re never going to have commercial success and make a career out of song writing.

So, what can you do? Well, let’s say that you have a catchy lyric that sticks in your head. Develop that into a chorus, then build around it. Keep it short and simple; write your own songs with not more than two verses – make it chorus driven! You don’t need to show some amazing guitar techniques if you want to write a good song. Rather use simple chords – you can play them all throughout your melody, with a different rhythm on the chorus and bridge- you can palm mute the chord to build your bridge. Also, don’t be a writer that uses big words when you’re writing songs. You if you want to have commercial success, you want everybody to be able to know and understand what you’re talking about so that they can rely to your lyrics. And of course, use that catchy lyric from your chorus in the title of your song. And there you have it. Songwriting bulletproof methods revealed! Now you will be able to write songs for the likes of Jessica Simpson, James Blunt and others.

Another very important thing is to learn to use some tools that will cut the songwriting time in half and will save you the money you’d normally spend on renting s recording studio. Today, you can make records in your bedroom using songwriting software. So, learn how to use FL Studio, Cubase, Logic, Adobe Audition and Sound Forge. Each will help you make the ultimate record without ever needing to take advanced songwriting lessons!