B.G. Is Reportedly Being Released From Prison In A ‘Few’ Weeks

B.G. Is Reportedly Being Released From Prison In A ‘Few’ Weeks

B.G. may be leaving the California prison where he’s currently serving out the remaining few months of a 14-year sentence earlier than expected.

Reports have surfaced online that, during a recent IG Live session, Birdman announced that his Cash Money Records protégé is set to be released in a few weeks. That would mean B.G. (real name Christopher Dorsey) could be a free man about a year earlier than his last reported projected release date of April 7, 2024.

HipHopDX has reached out to representatives for B.G. to confirm the updated release date.

In late September, U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan rejected a motion submitted by another federal prisoner, requesting to have the Hot Boy rapper’s 14-year sentence commuted.

Titled “The Court Misconstrued Defendant’s Motion,” the September request argued that a letter submitted to the courts in 2021 wasn’t intended to be a legal motion, but rather an attempt to raise awareness about B.G.’s displeasure with how his attorney had handled a previous compassionate release motion.

The letter encouraged the court to reconsider him for a compassionate release and asked for the 2021 denial not to be held against him. In her decision, issued three days after the 2022 motion was submitted, Judge Morgan stated that the rapper “has offered no new evidence that would affect the Court’s prior decision.”

Morgan had previously denied a motion submitted by B.G. in June, which was supported by letters from Birdman, Slim, Wendy Day and Gary Payton, Sr., among others.

B.G.’s first request for an early release this year came in February, after the entire Bureau of Prisons system went into lockdown due to violence in USP Beaumont. At the time, he wrote that “murder and mayhem” were normal occurrences in federal facility where he was being held and that the public had no idea what was really going on behind prison walls.

He also claimed his health issues make him more susceptible to COVID-19, chiding his previous attorney for “incompetence” and refuted prosecutors’ attempts to “paint him as a violent individual due to his rap lyrics, adding that the only thing he’s ever killed was a microphone.”

However, Morgan explained she did “not find any gross neglect that affected the outcome of Dorsey’s second motion for compassionate release,” meaning he’ll have to complete his sentence.

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B.G.’s original 14-year sentence was handed down in July 2012 after the rapper pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, and obstructed justice by convincing an associate to claim ownership of the gun.

Following the sentencing, B.G. released statement in which he indicated that he was approaching his time in prison with a positive mindset.

“I am relieved I found out what my fate was yesterday because I was facing 30 years and my case kept getting pushed back,” the statement read. “I am just ready to get my sentence started because it’s not RIP BG it’s FREE BG. I feel happy and blessed that I will still be a young man and still be able to see daylight because I am someone, a dad, a brother and a son.”