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Best Xmas Party Games For a Fun Night!

Best Xmas Party Games For a Fun Night!

Christmas is coming and it is time for holiday parties! You don’t want to make your guests bored so here are a few Xmas party games that you can do during the party. Remember, the food may be great and you might have a long list of guests, but a party will be dull without fun activities like games. Games encourage people to mingle with each other and this should be your goal for your party – to help people find new friends and to make it a memorable night for everyone.

Stocking Guess Game – prepare 15-25 Christmas stockings. Place an item inside each stocking. To play the stocking guess game, guests should be given a piece of paper each. Have them pass the stockings around and they have to guess what’s inside the stocking without peeking inside. The only thing that they are allowed to do is to try and feel the thing inside without putting their hands into the stocking. Tie a ribbon around the stocking’s opening to prevent guests from peeking. You can put items related to Christmas like a holly, a Christmas candy cane, or things that are used everyday like eyeglasses, lipstick, a cell phone, etc. The guests with the most number of correct guesses wins.

Christmas Pictionary – Divide the guests into two or three groups. Prepare a list of Christmas carols. Write one song title each in a small strip of paper. Crumple it and place it in a small empty fish bowl. Ask groups to pick a representative for each round. The representative has to draw a paper from the fish bowl and draw the title of the Christmas carol. Give each representative 30-60 seconds to draw. His/her group can guess what the representative is drawing until the time is up. They get a point if they guess correctly. If they fail to guess the Christmas carol, other groups are given a chance to guess and win a point. Some examples of Christmas carols are: Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, etc. If you don’t know a lot of Christmas songs, try searching through the internet for a list.

Christmas Version of the Find Out Who Game – At the start of the party, give a piece of questionnaire and pencil to each guest. The questionnaire should have 10-15 questions, and they have to find someone in the crowd who can fit into the question. Example questions are, “never experienced making a snowman”, “saw a real reindeer”, “has his/her shopping for Christmas done”, “can name three movies about Christmas”, “knows the name of all the reindeer”, “celebrated Christmas last year in another country”, etc. The guests have to write the name of the person whose description fits onto each question. The first one to fill up the questionnaire completely wins a prize. This is a very good way of mixing people up, especially if your party consists of people from different social groups.