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BTS’ RM drops an “identity film” teaser for upcoming debut solo album ‘Indigo’

BTS’ RM drops an “identity film” teaser for upcoming debut solo album ‘Indigo’

BTS’ RM has unveiled a new teaser – dubbed an “identity film” – for his upcoming debut solo record ‘Indigo’, due out next month.

The new clip, which clocks in at a little under a minute, features a rapidly paced montage of vague, blue-tinted images, soundtracked by what sounds like static. As the film comes to a close, text appears on the screen describing the subject matter of ‘Indigo’; the album will serve as “records of RM”.

“From the colors of nature, human, etc,” the text continues to read. “Documentation of my youth in the moment of independent phase. Sun-bleached record faded like old jeans.” In a final set of text before the teaser ends, RM calls ‘Indigo’ “the last archive of my twenties”. ‘Indigo’ is due for a full release on December 2 at 2pm KST / 5am GMT.

The upcoming release of RM’s debut solo album was confirmed by the BTS leader himself earlier this month on November 10. The announcement was made via a post on HYBE’s social networking platform Weverse, where RM wrote [per fan translations]: “Hello. Finally. Because of you, my first album is coming out. I prepared hard for four years.”

He continued: “It’s very different from my previous work and there are a lot of fun friends included. Please support us until December 2.”  Although ‘Indigo’ will mark RM’s debut solo album, it follows the musician’s previous two mixtapes – 2015’s ‘RM’ and 2018’s ‘mono’.

In a previous statement, label Big Hit Music also added: “RM has already given fans an honest look into his world through two mixtapes. Through ‘Indigo’, RM delivers his candid thoughts and feelings and showcases wide-ranging music through collaborations with various artists.” Additionally, a press release said the album “recounts the stories and experiences RM has gone through, like a diary”.

Speaking about the record in July, RM shared: “I had fun working on music, I think it will be completely different from ‘mono’. “If ‘mono’ recorded my 2016 to ’18, then I think this new album serves as my diary and archive for 2019 to ’22.”

BTS’ focus on solo activities began earlier this year, following them marking their ninth anniversary. In July, rapper J-hope released his debut solo album ‘Jack In The Box’. In a five-star review, NME said: “Thought-provoking and full of fresh new flavour, ‘Jack In The Box’ takes the J-Hope the world has come to know and love over the last nine years and sets that figure alight. From the ashes, though, comes a star more thrilling and formidable than ever and seemingly unstoppable.”

Last month, singer Jin shared his solo single ‘The Astronaut’, which was co-written with Coldplay. In a four-star review, NME said: “Vocally, this is the BTS star at his enchanting best, dropping his voice into a slightly deeper register than is usually expected of him. It’s a move that adds a fresh, velvety texture to his intonation without compromising on the emotion always palpable in his vocals.”