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Caterina Barbieri shares transcendent visual for ‘Broken Melody’

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Caterina Barbieri shares transcendent visual for ‘Broken Melody’

A co-fee from 180 Studios and Actuality.

‘Broken Melody’, the 2nd one from Caterina Barbieri’s new album Spirit Exit, is accompanied by a beautiful visible from director Iacopo Carapelli and artist Ruben Spini, which sets spectacular, slow-movement footage of levitating bodies towards Barbieri’s equally transcendent synths and haunting vocals. Choosing up the thread of ‘Knot Of Spirit’, a collaboration with “futurist folk” musician Lyra Pramuk and the 1st launch on Barbieri’s not too long ago released label platform, light-many years, ‘Broken Melody’ showcases the composer’s customized modular synth rig, which she developed around the system of the creating of Spirit Exit in her home studio in Milan.

Spirit Exit marks the first album Barbieri has written entirely in this studio and was recorded all through Milan’s two-month pandemic lockdown in 2020. The comply with-up to 2019’s Ecstatic Computation and 2017’s Styles Of Consciousness sees Barbieri exploring internal worlds, drawing affect from St. Teresa D’Avila’s foundational 16th century mystical textual content The Inside Castle, philosopher Rosi Braidotti’s posthuman theories and the metaphysical poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Caterina Barbieri shares transcendent visual for ‘Broken Melody’

“I composed Broken Melody and most of Spirit Exit for the duration of the to start with lockdown of 2020 in Milan, when Milan was a single of the darkest hotspots of the pandemic,” Barbieri claims. “During this time of extreme self-isolation, music grew to become for me like a portal to transcend a state of confinement and sensorial deprivation. It was the only way to vacation in time and house when movement in the outside planet was not attainable. Through this time, I thought a good deal about the spatial dimension of confinement as a powerful archetype of the feminine problem in the previous and how it shaped the visionary, mystical vein of woman assumed. Woman poets, artists, mystics have been typically dwelling segregated life – observing the world from a window, a gate, a filter. As they couldn’t freely move in the outside the house globe, they ended up generally redirecting their have strength towards the interior environment, thus cultivating a cosmogonic modality of believed. The friction among the constriction of their actual physical lives and the cosmic freedom of the internal planet and electricity of the head is at the incredibly root of visionary feminine imagining. It is revolutionary, feminist sci-fi. It’s the “interior castle” of Santa Teresa D’Avila. It is Emily Dickinson’s “The Brain – is wider than the Sky (…) The Mind – is further than the Sea”.” 

Pictures: Carlo Banfi

Elements of the footage taken for the ‘Broken Melody’ visual aspect as portion of ‘Vigil’, a multimedia set up from Caterina Barbieri and repeated collaborator Ruben Spini, freshly commissioned by 180 Studios, which is now on display as component of Long term Shock, a big exhibition of 14 leading international artists and collectives operating at the cutting-edge of audiovisual technologies.

“The movie for Broken Melody explores some of the themes of the tune: appreciate, loss, empathy and melancholy on a ghost earth. There is a dystopian vibe but there is also a weird sense of romance related to it, like a appreciate music to the end of the world,” states Barbieri. “The video clip can take inspiration from the iconography of woman topics represented in ambiguous sensorial states, suspended among contemplation and death, ecstasy and annihilation. Gradual-movement imagery of solitary figures in uncanny, desolate landscapes depicts a series of tableaux vivants infused with magic realism and melancholia.”

“Unlike anything at all else, new music can channel the advanced, gorgeous spectrum of emotions that normal landscapes evoke in individuals. In our audio-visible collaborations, Ruben and I have typically utilised seem and eyesight to examine that religious, ecstatic relationship to nature – a sort of knowledge turning into more and additional rare in late capitalism.”

Pictures: Carlo Banfi

“In our prior collaborations, Caterina has usually been framed as a central subject matter, performing as the gravitational pole all over which her melodies, my imagery, and ultimately the consideration of the community orbit together,” Spini suggests. “It is a delicate equilibrium capable of creating a alternatively exceptional connection between her have performance and our perception: the moment this channel is opened, we knowledge the exact same lively feelings that orient her follow, as a result of rapture and catharsis.” 

“With the ‘Broken Melody’ video we wished to discover similar depths of emotion, even though this time by evoking them by means of many subjects and points of perspective. The purely natural scenery acts again as a counterpoint to the characters’ inner thoughts, and even although the circumstances of their tales are barely hinted at, we relate to their fierce universality. In a feeling, they symbolize our collective reminiscences, dreams of escape and like, ordeals of reduction, ghosts of our past and our long run.”

Images: Carlo Banfi

“As for the interpretation of the audio and the words of the lyrics, I anchored myself precisely to the experience of the thought, seeking to emphasise the contrast concerning stasis and internal motion, amongst abandonment and ecstasy,” says director Iacopo Carapelli. “Together with the director of images (Giuseppe Favale) we pushed tough to use tremendous slow movement. Even if it is not effortless to develop rhythm with this strategy, we were certain it was the correct interpretation for the character of the appears.”

“Shooting with this kind of gear is not uncomplicated, you want a enormous quantity of lights to give just a sleek glimpse of mild on the matter. We shot all the tableau vivants in a black theatre with some scenographic components, at times prolonged with the assistance of post-generation. The piece has lots of musical levels and it was not uncomplicated to interpret a person in distinct.”

“The piece has several musical levels and it was not straightforward to interpret just one in individual. Occasionally, like in the flying boy scene, the editing slows down a good deal but the scene stays in time with the synth’s entry. In other circumstances, nonetheless, like the lady who rises from her ashes, the montage breaks the clip in rhythm with the notes of the bass.”

Images: Carlo Banfi

Barbieri and Spini’s set up at Long term Shock, titled Vigil, attributes the Damaged Melody video playing on a person side of the space, with a different movie work existing driving a little by little melting ice sculpture. “In the exhibition is a landscape scene, portrayed by the circular LED wall as if it was observed as a result of a telescope lens,” Spini says. “The sunshine is proven reduced in excess of the horizon, but it never changes its situation – it is therefore a make any difference of interpretation regardless of whether to contemplate it a sunset or a dawn. In this dimly lit place in which the passage of time is utilized as a narrative system I wished to leave the two opportunities open: a coming working day, a falling evening. With the deeper sensation that, right until we won’t depart this area of withdrawal, the stasis will not be broken.”

“A related reduction of reference details comes about at the spatial amount, in the ogive landscape that morphs repeatedly under the paralysed solar. As it is frequently accurate for my video is effective, it is close in concept to what 18th century painters defined as “capriccio”: a believable scene with no distinctive real-lifestyle reference, made by the juxtaposition and layering of unique options. It is a portrait of the outdoors entire world, but has no specific matter. Once more, it primarily acts as the illustration of a probability.”

Pictures: Carlo Banfi

Upcoming Shock, which operates right until 28 August 2022, transforms 180 Studios’ subterranean areas through mesmerising and groundbreaking electronic technologies – from generative and interactive algorithms, AI and 3-D electronic mapping, to spellbinding laser function, holographic projections and floor-breaking digital songs. Tickets are on sale now by way of the 180 The Strand website.

‘Broken Melody’ is out now and is taken from Caterina Barbieri’s album Spirit Exit, which is readily available now. You can discover Caterina Barbieri on Instagram.

Images: Carlo Banfi

‘Broken Melody’ Credits:

Artist – Caterina Barbieri
Label – light-a long time
Principle & Artwork Path – Caterina Barbieri & Ruben Spini
Director – Iacopo Carapelli
DoP – Giuseppe Favale
Editor – Iacopo Carapelli & Elena Petitti di Roreto 
Colorist – Orash Rahnema
Put up output – DEEPICE, Mauro Moretti, Roberto D’Ippolito
Titles – Nicola Tirabasso
Produced by C41
Government Producer – Barbara Guieu
Manufacturing Supervisor – Maria Borgognoni
Assistant Producer – Lorenzo Poloni
Co-Produced – Blackball 
Co-commissioned by 180 Studios and Actuality Journal
Scenography – Fabrizio D’arpino
Assistant Scenography – Elena Strafella
Prop Master – Gianfranco Parmigiani 
Movement Director – Elisa Zuppini
MUA – Greta Giannone
People: Inga Lavarini, Federica Nicastro, Omar Jaimes, Costanza Candeloro, Filippo Beccati, Joselin Solange Morales, Giulia Fossati, Gabriele Gangi, Elisa Zuppini
Phantom Operator – Claudio Fusini
1st AC – Paolo Gobbi
2nd AC – Davide Bongiorni
Phase AC – Riccardo Lorenzi
Gaffer – Francesco Galli
Elettricista – Fabio Proserpio, Marco Marangoni n
Essential Grip – Riccardo Villella
Grip – Alessio Zecchinello, Fabio Macchi
Rigger – Luca Fachini, Enrico Comeo 
Drone – Turbostudio 
Drone Operator – Rocco Diddio

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