Christmas Galore and Its Deep Meaning

Christmas Galore and Its Deep Meaning

Christmas will come soon, in range of time but a single month to the fore, all Christians in the world will celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, a figure that believed as savior all mankind in the world.

In the country I live, Indonesia – and probably in all country in the world – the workload toward the Christmas has been seen ever since the last weeks of November. And if we walk along in some shopping malls that exist in here, the Christmas accessories has been sold in many places.

Even often there is special bazaar that sells Christmas adornment, starting from decorative lamps, and other kinds of trappings hangs, like Santa and shining balls too. Altogether seems very beautiful, by domination color of blue, green, white, and silvery and golden small accessories that looks very elegant and very attractive.

Some Christmas tree are also sold. Generally, the Indonesians use a fabrics-made Christmas tree to be put in house. Likely rather difficult to get tree of genuine pine here, remembering that the existing of the pine birch differs from that in origin use in overseas.

Fashion designers also do not want to be left behind. In special moments like this, suits and clothes with Christmas nuances are carried with the nuance of red and white, while black is always felt neutral.

In times like this, kids that have hoped in happy and worry, thinking of them selves what will they get as Christmas presents ? And the housewives that has been planning the menu to be presented for Christmas. As we all know, Christmas is the time where all family members gather, especially for the oldest in family, their home would be the place where the other family members are gathering.

There is so much hilarity that mark Christmas, but one point that must be remembered from Christmas as the birth of Jesus is that Jesus was born in cage with all its moderation.

Because if we think deeper, real Christmas’ meaning is to share love. The alacrity to share love with everybody, in the same manner as the alacrity of Jesus for going down on earth, to spread love and darling to humankind.