How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Your Work Christmas Party

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Your Work Christmas Party

Having a well decorated Christmas tree is just as vital as getting the music correct at your office Christmas party. As a symbol of Christmas cheer and a new year approaching, your Xmas tree needs to look stunning and traditional.

Nobody wants to see a bedraggled Christmas tree, half decorated in various ornaments and colours. It may look a little odd and mismatching, not particularly what most people think of when the words ‘Christmas tree’ come to mind. Xmas tree decorating is in fact a quite methodical and creative process, which requires a lot of thought and effort, and eye for design.

Xmas tree design has rapidly changed over the last few years. In the good old days, you use to have either a real or fake Christmas tree decorated in the reds and greens of Christmas. These days, you can buy brightly coloured decorations and trees. A decorated xmas tree does not have to be necessarily traditional after all! Black and fuscia Christmas trees are all the rage and can really be a stunning and beautiful centre piece at Christmas parties.

So first of all, you need to choose your Christmas tree. If it is going to be in a corner, you will need to purchase a less bushy tree and if you have space limitations, never buy a tree bigger than it needs to be. But if you have none of these limitations, then go for the biggest and bushiest tree you want!

Next is the fairy lights. If your tree is green, opt for light strings that are green in colour. Go for the more expensive lights, as only one light goes outs when broken, unlike cheap lights, where the whole lot goes out. Make sure your lights are long enough to go through the entire Christmas tree too, so that it can really sparkle! It’s recommended that you start draping the fairy lights from the top over each and every branch, in order to give a more balanced look to the tree.

Now choose your colour palette for the decorations. Choosing up to three colours will give the tree a more consistent and beautiful look. Decorate the tree with various textures, including baubles, ribbons and tinsel to enhance the natural texture of the Fir tree. Some decorators also add fake glittery branches to produce attractive and unusual looking foliage.

It’s vital to remember to create a sense of aesthetic balance when decorating a Christmas tree, so always balance out your decorations from top to bottom and right to left. Baubles often can be difficult to balance out on a Christmas tree. The general rule is though, to place larger baubles more towards the middle of the tree, so that they are slightly tucked away, or on the longer bottom branches; and smaller baubles right at the front at the ends of the smaller top branches. Following this rule will enable you to get that balanced look so much easier. Bear in mind too that baubles do not have to necessarily be round either! So mix and match shape too, as well as size to give a more interesting look to your tree.

Christmas tree decoration is about being a little wild and creative about your design as well as pragmatic. You may have to make a few alterations at first, but if you keep trying, you’ll eventually get that beautiful and flawless Christmas tree for your Christmas party.