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Music Practice Charts – Implementation is the Key

Music Practice Charts – Implementation is the Key

Often, music teachers feel extremely frustrated. Even if they do their hardest to ensure that their students have as much fun as possible during their lessons, it sometimes doesn’t work. You may teach them repeatedly and feel extremely frustrated, because of their lack of progress.

This is because students often lose interest after the first few days. They sign up for classes because they feel more excited by the idea of being able to play an instrument. But the truth is that being able to play a musical instrument requires a lot of dedication and hard work, which they don’t want to give. They prefer instead to play games on the computer, or have fun with their friends. You end up feeling sad and frustrated, because as a teacher, you have failed.

There is no need to get dejected. There are some very good teaching aids available in the form of Music Practice Charts. These charts are actually an interface between you, the student and his or her parents. You can fill in the chart each week with the tasks that the students must do. You can set them interesting assignments, and keep a reminder that you will be testing them the following week. Thus, the students and their parents will be aware of what is expected from them.

Next, you must establish proper goals and deadlines each time you set a task or an assignment. Deadlines may be hatred by many people, but the fact is that they work. They enable the student to have a definite timeline, so that you can map his or her progress.

Most importantly, you must measure their performance on Music Practice Charts. Music Practice Charts come with several colourful and interesting stickers. You can place a star or a relevant smiley on the chart depending on how well your student has done what was asked. This also motivates them to practice daily, as they will want their Music Practice Charts to show better smileys, happy stickers and reward stickers.