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Nox – Abyssal Codex (2022; Winter-Light) – Avant Music News

Nox – Abyssal Codex (2022; Winter-Light) – Avant Music News

Nox is Jurica Santek, again for a 2nd album of contemporary darkish ambient. In addition to the usual drones and synth levels, Santek adds industry recordings, environmental noises, and different kinds of crackling, static, and percussive components. In truth, these non-drone options are what transfer the ten medium-length tracks on this launch ahead, giving them a singular voice.

Situation in place, Portal Consecration launches with a deep, oscillating drone that is speedily accompanied by at minimum two far more layers of synth. The latter provide slow-paced, ominous melodies. But the echoing percussion (sounding like chains rattling), mechanical noises, and refined voice-like cries dominate the foreground.

Therefore, Abyssal Codex, although employing gloomy soundscapes, can also be considered of as an expression of submit-industrial or electroacoustic audio. Irrespective of classification, the use of these kinds of a extensive palette of unconventional snippets puts the listener on the edge of their seat.

Abyssal Codex arrived out on June 24 from Wintertime-Light.