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The JamBase Podcast: Dopapod’s Rob Compa

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The JamBase Podcast: Dopapod’s Rob Compa

Listen to the guitarist go over the band’s new self-titled album, ‘Dopapod,’ and a lot more.

By Staff JamBase Jun 30, 2022 9:45 am PDT

Episode 131 of The JamBase Podcast, a husband or wife of the Osiris Media Community, options an job interview with Dopapod‘s Rob Compa. JamBase’s Scott Bernstein interviewed the guitarist about the band’s not long ago unveiled self-titled studio album, Dopapod, and a great deal a lot more.

Compa spoke to Bernstein from his household in Vermont by way of a video get in touch with. The guitarist discussed the timeline of the Dopapod album, which the quartet started operating on before the pandemic started off. The self-titled document characteristics a blend of “new” material alongside with more mature tunes. A person of the tracks in the latter class is “Grow” and Rob stated how Dopapod returned to the track with a new outlook and refreshing arrangement just about 8 several years following its dwell debut for inclusion on the album.

The guitarist also talked about how he is aware the distinct strengths of every of his bandmates and is wonderful with them dealing with areas such as naming the album and coming up with its sequencing rather than having “too a lot of cooks in the kitchen.” Compa went on to discuss the songwriting method that birthed Dopapod cut “Fannie.”

Dopapod’s vinyl packaging integrates a playable board match. Compa recalled the original notion driving the time-touring board sport and how the band collaborated on the principle with former crew member Luke Stratton. Rob also mentioned Dopapod’s yr-furthermore hiatus that came before COVID-19 led to a pause in are living touring and how the hiatus essentially ready the band to tackle the realities of the pandemic.

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